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Some of Our Customer Reviews…

“I am extremely happy with the work I received from Prius kings. After the traction, AKA hybrid, battery died in my 06 Prius and a quote from a dealer that seemed unreasonably high I contacted Prius kings and asked a lot of questions. 

They took the time to answer them all promptly and gave me options as to how to proceed. 

Seeing as the car wasn’t realistically drivable to Brooklyn NY  from Connecticut in “limp home mode”.  A technician came out to me, before he started he verified I actually needed a new battery and in about an hour he had finished the job and made sure everything was running well. 

The work has been complete for a few weeks now and I’ve driven the Prius he worked on all the way down the east coast and back again with zero problems from the battery or electrical system.  I honestly can not distinguish the battery that Priuskings installed from the battery that was originally in the car when I first drove it out of the dealership 10 years prior.”  – Loupgarou W.    Hartford, CT

“Priuskings came to Massachusetts to replace the battery on our 10 year old prius after the “red triangle of death” appeared and the dealer gave us a price that made no sense for the age of the car.  They did the work quickly and the car has been running great…..we hope for another 3-5 years!  They were on time….returned all emails timely and answered all our questions.  The tech is also a very pleasant guy!  We would definitely recommend him and use him again in a heartbeat.”   – Ruth B.  Medfield, MA

“Our 11 year old Prius needed a new battery and the dealership told us it would cost more than the blue book value of the car. We sent Prius Kings an email and they called us that day. They drove all the way to north east Connecticut and replaced the battery for half the cost of what the dealership quoted. The serviceman was kind, knowledgeable, and efficient. We would recommend him to 100%!”  –  Vickie H.  Tolland, CT

“My 9 year old (177,000 miles) Prius’ hybrid battery died on the Friday before President’s Day.  I took it to Toyota on Saturday and they wanted $4,400 to replace.  That’s more than what the car is worth.  I love my Prius and didn’t want to buy a new one, but couldn’t afford to replace the battery at Toyota.  Then I came across and sent them an email on Saturday afternoon.  They call me within an hour and we had a pleasant and educational conversation.  They drove to my house, 90 miles away the very next day (Sunday).  The battery was replaced in 2 hours and my car was as good as new.  Here’s the best part… parts, labor and travel time only cost me $2,000.  I can’t thank them enough.” – Leroy C.  Millbury, MA

“I had to have my 2003 Prius towed from the garage as my mechanics did not know what to do with it and my previous experiences with the dealers in Brooklyn made me want to avoid that option. Eric is really really freakin great! He made repeat visits for diagnostics, charged the main battery, repaired the throttle body and air sensor and got us back on the road. He is smart, a huge cost savings and a really nice guy. I recommend him without reservation to anyone with Prius battery problems.” –  Dan F.  Brooklyn, NY

“I live a long way from NYC, but I bought the Priuskings video and went about replacing the bad cells (2) in my 2005 Prius traction battery.  The video was clear and complete, and the job was much easier than I imagined.  When I had questions they were quick to respond, and the process went just as he said it would. I spent less than $80 on 2 replacement cells and less than $100 on a few tools I didn’t have on hand (digital multi-meter and upholstery tools).

If you find yourself facing the Triangle-of-Doom and you’re far from the northeast, I recommend you call PriusKings and save yourself the price of a good used car.” – Irv R.  Elizabeth City, NC

“Priuskings is the BEST solution if you have a hybrid battery problem.  The Toyota dealer quoted between $3,500 and $4,000 to replace the battery.  With no chance of coming up with that kind of money, I was lucky enough to find Priuskings.  For a fraction of the cost at the dealer, my beloved (yup, I said it) Prius is back on the road, good as new!  From the first phone call, everything was explained in detail.  I love my car so much that I didn’t stop to think about “Who is this guy?”.  Good thing, because he saved us!!  I live in NW CT, far from the Priuskings location.  That didn’t matter.  Within a week of the first phone call, Eric came to my work location to work on the car.  In a matter of a few hours, the car was fixed and I had my car back for less than a quarter of what the dealer quoted!!!  I can’t stress enough how happy I am to have found Eric.  What a great experience!  You don’t need to look any further, use Priuskings!!.”  – Patricia F.  Canaan, CT

“My 2008 Prius currently has 282,000 miles on it and the hybrid battery failed. I found Priuskings on the internet. Aric responded immediately came to me and replaced my battery for half the price as a Toyota dealership. I would highly recommend using Priuskings!  – Stephen P.  Gales Ferry, CT

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